Exhibitor Manual

The AALL Exhibitor Manual is available at this link.

Official Contractors: Who They Are, and What They Do  

Show Management has contracted out to a selected group of companies the responsibility to perform the various tasks needed to set up, operate and dismantle the exhibits. Show Management has researched the professionalism and industry reputation of the listed providers in order to bring our exhibitors the highest level of service. It is to your advantage to choose the Official Contractors. Official Contractors maintain a presence at the Service Center on the Exhibit Floor, providing trained technical staff to support your needs. Show Management does not associate with any company other than those chosen as the Official Contractor. Be sure to look for the "Official Contractor" logo on service provider order forms. 

Outside Exhibit Services

Remember, Show regulations state that exhibitors will not contract for or use any services in connection with their exhibit while in the Exhibit Hall except such as shall be made available or approved by Show Management. The names of any persons or organizations other than those designated as official contractors who are proposed for the performance of any services for the Exhibitor within the Exhibit Hall must be supplied to Show Management for approval not less that 60 days prior to the opening date of the Show.